Conflict Resolution

Nonprofits need practical solutions for resolving conflicts – both externally and among leaders and stakeholders.  Our attorneys help organizations craft preventative measures and guide nonprofits as disputes arise.

  • Bylaw provisions, policies, and agreements
    • We help clients proactively address potential disputes through providing for effective dispute resolution within bylaws, corporate policies, and agreements.   Dispute resolution provisions typically call for informal efforts to address conflicts, and then mediation with a neutral third party if needed.  Private arbitration may be a required precursor to litigation (as a last resort) or even the final cost-effective step in conflict resolution.   Through such measures, nonprofit organizations, their leaders, and others can successfully express their views constructively and resolve issues in ways that protect their reputations and resources.
  • Mediation
    • Mediation is often the most efficient, inexpensive, and effective means of achieving dispute resolution.  In mediation, the parties are assisted by a mediator, serving as a neutral facilitator, to develop their own creative solutions that address their needs and interests.  This can be useful for disputes between two organizations, between an organization and a leader, employee, member, donor, or other individual, or between individuals.  Our attorneys serve as counsel to nonprofits involved in mediation, and we also provide mediator services.  Through our mediator services, we encourage the parties involved to share candidly, gain a better understanding of the issues at hand, and work toward a mutually beneficial and comprehensive resolution.
  • Arbitration representation
    • As organizations increasingly turn to alternative dispute resolution methods, our attorneys have developed experience in applying these procedures to deal efficiently and effectively with issues that otherwise might have required court litigation.  Arbitration may be less expensive and time-consuming than a trial, and it allows the parties to choose a decision-maker who understands the situations facing nonprofits.  Our attorneys are available to serve as counsel for parties whose disputes are brought before arbitrators for resolution.
  • Litigation counsel
    • We represent nonprofit clients in administrative and court litigation of disputes including governance, contracts, intellectual property, state sales tax and property tax exemption challenges, employment issues, and building code violations.  We develop creative strategies for bringing cases to a prompt favorable resolution for our clients.