Who is the Client? Legal Representation in Nonprofit Disputes

When a conflict develops involving a nonprofit, its leaders, or its programs, one of the first calls is usually to the nonprofit’s lawyer.  But when the time comes to call the nonprofit’s attorney, two important questions arise: (1) Who should properly make that call, and (2) On whose behalf is the call being made?  These two questions highlight a more foundational and general question:  Who or what is the attorney’s client in a conflict involving third parties or internal disputes?

Cartoon Contracts: But What About the Fine Print?

According to the Wall Street Journal, some lawyers are turning to cartoon frames and comic strips to illustrate (pardon the pun) key contract terms.  Illustrations may be helpful in certain legal contexts in assisting both sides of the contract in understanding the concrete implications of otherwise abstract verbiage. But to achieve the proverbial “meeting of the minds” and for optimal legal enforceability, words matter most. But which words? Our firm lists about ten contract essentials, best communicated through words (but a cartoon frame or two might not hurt either).