Nonprofits Take Note: US Supreme Court Upholds Free Speech Rights for Organizations Receiving Federal Funding

Yesterday, the Supreme Court, in Agency for Int'l Development v. Alliance for Open Society Int'l, held unconstitutional a federal program that granted funds to participant organizations conditioned on expressly declaring their opposition to prostitution. The decision will likely have free speech and policy implications on nonprofits that receive federal funding as part of their programming budgets. 

Attention: Is Your Charity Qualified?

Have you taken steps to ensure that your charitable contributions are tax deductible?    To be eligible for such favorable status,  the organization must be qualified with the IRS as a “section 501(c)(3)” organization.   Qualified tax-exempt organizations include religious institutions, social service providers, schools, and many others.

Let Freedom Ring! 501(c)(3)s, Free Speech, and Politics

The recent IRS scandal confirms that the IRS is capable of, and at times does, abuse their regulatory authority over tax-exempt nonprofits.  While most of the tax-exempt organizations involved thus far have apparently been section 501(c)(4) “social welfare” organizations, section 501(c)(3) public charities have also felt the bright lights of the IRS’s inappropriate content-based scrutiny.