First Minutes: Taking the Nonprofit’s Corporate Foundational Steps

How does a new nonprofit move forward after incorporation? The practical answer is through strong leadership and significant effort! The legal answer is through “First Minutes,” a written corporate resolution reflecting a nonprofit corporation’s key first steps. The First Minutes should address essential elements, particularly to avoid corporate governance pitfalls.

School Mask Mandates - In Illinois and Beyond

On August 4, 2021, Illinois Governor Pritzker issued his 85th COVID-related executive order, mandating face masks for all Pre-K through 12th grade schools throughout Illinois, both private and public. This new mandate, applicable to students, teachers, and other School personnel, has raised many questions and objections. For instance, is this new government mandate legally enforceable? Should it be followed regardless of its potential legal invalidity, particularly given the fluidity of medical, legal, and other important considerations? Could any mask exemptions apply, such as based on a student’s or staff member’s health condition or right of conscience objection? This article navigates through these challenging questions, with potentially available options and related recommendations.  

Q&A: Nonprofit Bylaws

What are bylaws? Why are they so important? Many nonprofits ask, “Are we correctly following our Bylaws?” Or even, “Where are our bylaws?!”