Eavesdropping Revisited – No New Illinois Law Yet…

Our firm has been tracking recent developments regarding eavesdropping laws in Illinois.  When the Illinois Supreme Court struck down the Illinois Eavesdropping Act as unconstitutional back in March, we indicated that there was a window of opportunity for those who want to electronically record communications to do so without fear of criminal prosecution.  Now that the Illinois state legislature has adjourned its 2014 Spring Session without enacting a replacement statute, that window has been extended to at least January 2015, when the next Spring Session begins.  However, those wishing to

Don’t Let Them Eat Cake

Grade school administrators, take note!  The USDA’s new nutrition standards for foods sold in grade schools are now effective for the 2014-15 school year. The standards apply to all schools that accept federal funding through the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs, including private schools.  What do these changes mean for your school?  The more stringent nutritional standards apply to both meals and other food consumption.  Consequently, schools may need to modify their food-provider contracts, fundraising activities, and vending machines practices.  These changes may particularl

Volunteer Handbooks: Benefits and Best Practices

Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to serve vital operational needs.  From overseeing major fundraising events to filling daily administrative or other critical operational needs, volunteers often serve as the hands-and-feet of an organization. They significantly expand the organization’s capacity and mission-impact, beyond their paid-staff.  Yet, given their vital role, the expectations, guidelines, and management of volunteers are often overlooked.