Does ObamaCare Apply to My Nonprofit?

Start counting—employees, that is.  The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, which is well known as "ObamaCare," imposes "pay or play" requirements on certain employers.  Essentially, they must either provide minimum levels of health insurance coverage or pay monetary penalties for non-coverage.  These requirements apply only to employers with at least 50 "full-time equivalent" employees.  Consequently, many smaller employers need not be concerned about compliance with ObamaCare.

Taking Board Action

Must a nonprofit board always take action through a directors’ meeting?  May the board circulate an email instead, asking for responsive votes from the directors?  What if some directors attend a board meeting and vote there, while other directors email their vote on the same matter?  These are common questions asked by nonprofit directors.  Thankfully, the answers are clear.