Loving Thy Neighbor: Tax-Compliant Benevolence

Does your house of worship financially help those in need?  Commonly known as “benevolence,” this charitable assistance arises from age-old religious concepts and carries significant modern-day tax compliance implications.  Not only should such religious organizations maintain benevolence policies, but they also need to follow through with related communications, financial controls, and other safeguards.

Waivers and Consents: How Well Do They Protect Nonprofits?

With summer in the air many nonprofits enter in the heart of the season for their charitable, educational, and religious programming.  As mission trips, camp excursions, hikes, and canoe trips fill up the calendar, many nonprofits pull out their tried and true “Waiver and Consent” forms and “Parental Permission” forms.  Are these forms an effective risk management tool?