COVID-19 Workplaces: Changes for Policies, Protocols, and Employee Handbooks

Are your employees coming back to in-person work yet? As states shift forward into new phases that allow nonprofit and other employees to come back to worksites, employers face a plethora of warranted policy changes. High on the list should be to develop and implement a Workplace Health and Cleanliness Operations Policy. In addition, employers may address continued remote work options, such as through a new or updated Remote Work Policy. These important changes should be reflected in modified employee handbooks, at least in summary versions, which should also include policies covering new COVID-19-related Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave.

Relaxed Requirements: Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020

Nonprofits and businesses with forgivable loans through the CARES Act’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) can rest a little easier, thanks to the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020. On June 5, 2020, President Trump signed into law significant modifications to the CARES Act, shortly after the U.S. Senate’s unanimous approval. These modifications provide extensions and other relief to current and prospective PPP loan recipients, including timing and operational aspects.

    School Prayer and Other Religious Expression: Important 2020 Updates

    ​To what extent is public school prayer and other religious expression legally protected?  This may seem like an academic question, since children are now largely limited to remote learning. As teachers, parents, and children look ahead to resuming in-person school activities, the U.S. Department of Education’s updated “Guidance on Constitutionally Protected Prayer and Religious Expression in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools” provides helpful clarification about applicable religious freedom protections. Such guidance may be particularly important for those who have found comfort and hope through their faith, while living through the COVID-19 pandemic.