Nonprofit Holiday Highlights

The year 2021 is quickly winding up, and 2022 is just across the horizon! Our law firm’s attorneys and paralegals deeply value the honor and opportunity to assist so many amazing nonprofit organizations and their incredible leaders, and to help advance their compelling and worthwhile missions. Thank you for this opportunity to serve as trusted legal advisors providing client-focused solutions, creative approaches to advance clients’ interests, and vibrant community engagement to help the nonprofit sector flourish. As a parting gift for this year, we’d like to share some holiday cheer – and what better way than through providing links to some key W&O blog articles across our nonprofit practice groups? We hope the W&O blog will continue to be a valuable resource for you!

Trademark Distinctives: Legal Protection and Best Practices

Nonprofits regularly use logos, taglines, and other descriptions for their organizational activities. To what extent may nonprofits trademark such information, along with their corporate name? Just exactly what is a trademark, and why is it important – particularly for legal protection? This article explains trademarks generally, identifies different types of trademarks, explains the legal significance of such differences, and provides accompanying recommendations for optimal trademark protection.

Nonprofit Cybersecurity: Donors, Data, and WISPs

Online operations may now be the norm for many nonprofits, but they come with security risks that warrant careful attention.  In May of this year, “WannaCry,” a computer “ransomware” attack, locked up over 200,000 computer systems world-wide. The attacks demanded payment in exchange for return of the locked-up data.  In September, the credit bureau Equifax revealed that it had been hacked, putting over 140 million Americans’ personal information at risk.