Anti-Harassment Training Resource – Telios Teaches

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2018 may have been the year of #MeToo, but sexual and other harassment is a perennial issue for churches, other ministries, and employers.  All employers need to address harassment through strong anti-harassment policies, appropriate training for supervisors and other employees, responsive investigative measure, a keen awareness of attendant risk management consideration, and a culture of respect and transparency.  Wagenmaker & Oberly is pleased to recommend Telios Teaches as an excellent resource for these critical areas. 

Telios Teaches’ instructor is attorney Theresa Sidebotham.  She provides legal counsel to numerous churches and ministries, for which she helps improve organizational/HR policy, support religious liberties, conduct investigations, care for victims and members, and minimize litigation exposure.  Theresa has guest blogged for our law firm previously.  She also co-presented a webinar with attorney Sally Wagenmaker entitled Creating a Safe Culture – Making Sure #MeToo Does Not Happen at Your Church or Nonprofit, provided by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. 

The Telio Teaches anti-harassment materials are comprehensive and engaging, with discrete video modules covering a wide array of topics including relevant legal background, religious aspects, policies and reporting mechanisms, investigations and disciplinary measures, safety plans, common pitfalls, and best practices.  Theresa’s concrete examples and helpful recommendations make this key anti-harassment resource a highly effective tool for employers.  The Telios Teaches’ anti-harassment training resource is affordably priced at $99 for manager/HR level employees and at $79 for all other employees.