Membership Dues – Are They Deductible?

May your organization advertise its membership dues as “tax deductible?”   Individuals considering memberships often want to know whether dues may be deducted from their income as a charitable contribution.  Many museums advertise the deductibility of their memberships.  Other charities state that only contributions above and beyond the membership dues are tax-deductible. What about your organization?  The following paragraphs provide guidance for determining whether an organization’s membership dues may be deducted.

Is the organization the right type?

Going Global: Operating Charitable Programs Abroad

Philanthropy in the US has always carried a distinctly global mindset.  US-based nonprofits have a lengthy and impressive history of not only sending money, goods, and volunteers to help those in need, but also operating overseas to directly conduct their missions.  Legal and practical issues may vary considerably. Several basic pro-active steps, however, apply to nearly every nonprofit contemplating international activities.

Research, Research, Research