Better Together: Washington State Expands Self-Insurance Risk Pools to Nonprofits

 Insurance can be expensive, but not having insurance is sometimes even more costly!  One solution within many industries is risk pooling – that is, to join with others and effectively self-insure together, thereby spreading out risk and bringing down overall costs for protecting property and against liability.  The insurance industry itself, however, is highly regulated and therefore requires state authorization for such programs.  State-authorized self-insurance risk pools seem to be gaining traction in the nonprofit sector, with Florida, California and Washington State leading the way.  

Federal Appeals Court Chimes In: IRS Not Above Constitution

“Pummeled,” “raked over the coals,” and “almost laughed out of court” – these are news descriptions of the recent judicial thrashing of the IRS during oral argument inZ Street v. Koskinen.  It is rare for judges to speak so harshly to government officials, but, then again, the IRS’s argument that it should be allowed to engage in viewpoint discrimination hardly seems worthy of respect.

An Introduction to Nonprofit Financial Statements

The following article is provided courtesy of Cathedral Consulting Group, LLC, a Milwaukee-based firm that helps small and mid-sized nonprofit organizations and private companies to grow their enterprises through the implementation of best practices.   As growth requires vision for tomorrow and an awareness of today’s needs, Cathedral works alongside clients to identify their organizational needs and to implement both long-term and short-term beneficial strategies.