Celebrating Our Country’s Freedoms

A Day to Reflect       

Independence Day provides a great opportunity not only to light fireworks and the grill, but also to reflect on our country’s freedoms and values.  The First Amendment has been front and center as of late.   Our bedrock democratic values of political discourse, free speech, and religious expression have contributed incredibly and uniquely to the shaping of our pluralistic nation.  They also strongly and increasingly influence laws affecting nonprofit organizations.   

Volunteer Handbooks: Benefits and Best Practices

Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to serve vital operational needs.  From overseeing major fundraising events to filling daily administrative or other critical operational needs, volunteers often serve as the hands-and-feet of an organization. They significantly expand the organization’s capacity and mission-impact, beyond their paid-staff.  Yet, given their vital role, the expectations, guidelines, and management of volunteers are often overlooked. 

Public Charities and the Attorney General: Lessons from Maxwell Manor

How does the Illinois Attorney General regulate charities?  The Illinois First District case People v. Maxwell Manor provides a rare glimpse at how the Attorney General utilizes the Illinois Charitable Trust Act (the “Act”) to enforce the public’s interest in nonprofit corporations.  While the IRS is often seen as the main regulator of charities, each state’s Attorney General also plays a predominant role .