Stretching to Save Property Tax Exemption Statute: The Oswald Ruling

What does it take to successfully obtain charitable property tax exemption for a nonprofit’s real estate? As the Illinois Supreme Court ruled recently in: plenty – and more than just doing good in terms of overall programming. While its holding focused on hospital exemption, the Court decision is more broadly instructive in reaffirming the long-established and still-applicable key elements of exemption qualification.

Anti-terrorism Efforts in the Nonprofit Sector

Many U.S.-based nonprofit organizations have an international component to their operations. If your nonprofit organization provides charitable resources to organizations and individuals overseas, whether in the form of goods, cash grants, or services, it is crucial that you perform and memorialize certain due diligence procedures concerning where and to whom you are sending such resources. The U.S. imposes significant civil and criminal penalties on any person, including nonprofit organizations, who finances or otherwise supports terrorism.