Ready, Set, Go: Keeping Your Nonprofit Safe for All

As September approaches, many churches, schools, and social service organizations are looking forward to offering new programs.  But court statistics show that liability for personal injury remains a serious – and expensive – problem for nonprofits, particularly those that care for children and other vulnerable persons.  Is your nonprofit well prepared to serve its constituents safely?

Nonprofit Bike Shop: Can I Do That?

Yesterday, reported that Marcus Fetch, a former nomadic traveler was opening Redemptive Cycles, a nonprofit bike shop.  The article explains, "The [shop's] nonprofit status allows the business to serve a charitable function, rebuilding, fixing and reselling used bikes at the cheapest price possible." 

How is it possible that a retail store, which provides goods and services in the selling and repair of bicycles, can be a nonprofit organization?  It seems so… commercial. 

A Fresh Look at Contract Essentials: Moves, Mutual Agreement, and More!

Beginning next week, Wagenmaker & Oberly, LLC will be moving to our new office location.  Located in the historic and iconic Monadnock building, our new facilities will provide the firm with ample room for its continued development and growth.  In addition, the office’s convenient location and excellent facilities will equip us to better meet our client’s diverse legal needs.