Prepared for Broken Peace, Part 2: Protecting Worshipping Groups from the Effects of Disputes

...Continued from Part 1

3.         Accountability – For Everyone

            In a well-planned organization, everyone in leadership is held accountable to a standard of conduct that is appropriate for the position held.  There should be no exceptions to this rule.  In some religious traditions, those standards are clearly set forth. In other settings, the standards may be undefined or vague.  Boards should give careful thought to expectations for leaders.  Consider the following questions:

Attention: Is Your Charity Qualified?

Have you taken steps to ensure that your charitable contributions are tax deductible?    To be eligible for such favorable status,  the organization must be qualified with the IRS as a “section 501(c)(3)” organization.   Qualified tax-exempt organizations include religious institutions, social service providers, schools, and many others.