First Minutes: Taking the Nonprofit’s Corporate Foundational Steps

How does a new nonprofit move forward after incorporation? The practical answer is through strong leadership and significant effort! The legal answer is through “First Minutes,” a written corporate resolution reflecting a nonprofit corporation’s key first steps. The First Minutes should address essential elements, particularly to avoid corporate governance pitfalls.

Conscientious Objections to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates: Rights and Responsibilities

COVID-19 vaccine mandates continue expanding, including President Biden’s recent announcement to require all employers with at least 100 employees to likewise impose such requirements. Meanwhile, increasing voices are expressing concerns and are invoking religious, medical, and other objections to such blanket mandates. Are such objections legally valid? Should they, or must they, therefore be honored as exemptions to vaccine mandates? What about COVID-19 testing, and masking too?

How Much Liability Insurance Do Nonprofits Need?

All nonprofits should obtain sufficient insurance coverage for their organization’s activities, property, and other needs. The following article addresses liability coverage aspects for risk management purposes, such as warranted for children’s programs and other activities involving participants on the premises. It is published by permission from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company.