A Walk Through the IRS Form 1023: Applying for Section 501(c)(3) Recognition

Forming a new nonprofit organization for charitable, religious, or educational purposes? How exciting! Doing so involves careful planning, leadership development, donor prospecting, and of course nonprofit paperwork. For Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, that likely means completing the IRS Form 1023 application too. What is involved with the IRS Form 1023 application, and why is it so important not only for the coveted IRS approval but also for an organization’s long-term success? The stakes are high, the details are of critical importance, and accompanying learning-curve opportunities may be quite helpful for nonprofit leadership.

School Mask Mandates - In Illinois and Beyond

On August 4, 2021, Illinois Governor Pritzker issued his 85th COVID-related executive order, mandating face masks for all Pre-K through 12th grade schools throughout Illinois, both private and public. This new mandate, applicable to students, teachers, and other School personnel, has raised many questions and objections. For instance, is this new government mandate legally enforceable? Should it be followed regardless of its potential legal invalidity, particularly given the fluidity of medical, legal, and other important considerations? Could any mask exemptions apply, such as based on a student’s or staff member’s health condition or right of conscience objection? This article navigates through these challenging questions, with potentially available options and related recommendations.  

Trademark Distinctives: Legal Protection and Best Practices

Nonprofits regularly use logos, taglines, and other descriptions for their organizational activities. To what extent may nonprofits trademark such information, along with their corporate name? Just exactly what is a trademark, and why is it important – particularly for legal protection? This article explains trademarks generally, identifies different types of trademarks, explains the legal significance of such differences, and provides accompanying recommendations for optimal trademark protection.