Q&A: Nonprofit Bylaws

What are bylaws? Why are they so important? Many nonprofits ask, “Are we correctly following our Bylaws?” Or even, “Where are our bylaws?!”

Nonprofit Finance: Optimal Success Through Sound Financial Management

Nonprofits and finances – in practice, these two words should fit together well for organizational flourishing, reflecting capable stewardship and stability. But all too often, financial aspects of nonprofit operations can prove intimidating, overlooked, or otherwise mismanaged. CPA Michael Batts of Batts Morrison Wales & Lee has recently published a stand-out resource, entitled Nonprofit Finance: The Field Guide for Financial Operations of Ministries, Schools, and Other Public Charities. This easy-to-digest book is chock full of worthwhile pointers, helpful instructions, and advice well worth following closely, all to help nonprofit leaders achieve optimal success and integrity in financial administration.

Meet W&O's Trustworthy Paralegals

Wagenmaker & Oberly is committed to serving as trusted advisors to nonprofit organizations across the nation. How do we deliver? Often through attorney-client services supported by our law firm’s dedicated and extremely capable paralegal staff. Our firm’s paralegals take care of a myriad of responsibilities including tax and corporate filings, electronic corporate notebook development, annual report reminders, real estate tasks, and litigation assistance. We are thankful for each paralegal who serves clients alongside the firm’s attorneys, and we are delighted now to share a little about each paralegal team member.