Religious Organizations

Religious organizations face special legal issues due to their religious nature.  Our firm represents churches, religious orders, nation-wide religious institutions, and other faith-based organizations.  

  • Organizational structuring, multi-site operations, and church mergers
  • Religious facility and use agreements
    • Our attorneys assist religious clients in drafting agreements that protect property tax exemptions, allocate responsibilities and risk, and provide for religious liberty protection.  
  • First Amendment rights and protections 
    • Current legal issues for religious organizations encompass a rapidly changing constitutional landscape for religious liberty, free exercise, freedom of association, and rights of conscience.  We help our clients implement practical solutions in light of applicable legal constraints and their own organizational goals and needs.
  • Internal disputes and conflict resolution
  • Abuse prevention and misconduct issues
    • We help clients develop appropriately tailored abuse-prevention  policies. We are available to advise on emergency church situations, such as employee misconduct, allegations of harm to participants, and related media and disclosure considerations.
  • Clergy
    • We advise clergy and other religious leaders with respect to employment matters, tax, mandatory reporting laws, clergy confidentiality privilege, and intellectual property ownership and use.